Benefit from our years of operational experience and tailor-made solutions.



Benefit from the added value of our international platforms and extensive network.


Human Resources with Pendl & Piswanger – InterSearch Austria

We are fast and efficient in finding talents for your team.

In cooperation with Pendl & Piswanger we support you and the candidates throughout the entire recruitment process. We offer fair and efficient rates.


Together we assess our clients requirements and then implement the appropriate search strategy to quickly fill the vacancy.


  • Classical Search

  • Individual Search – for very small companies (VSE)

  • Easy Search

  • Direct Search


In cooperation with Dr. Pendl & Dr. Piswanger GmbH we search, find and identify the best minds for your company.

The research teams use their personal network, social media and the exchange with industry insiders and the practice group members of InterSearch partners.

We support you and your team in developing the appropriate HR strategy, answer your questions related to personnel development and optimize personnel management.

  • We build your team for your international expansion
  • Interim Management
  • Personal follow-up of the candidates
  • Transparent invoicing
  • Development and follow-up of HR processes
  • Professionalisation and efficiency enhancement
  • Increase of employer’s attractiveness
  • Legal security
  • Process optimisation
  • Training & Coaching
  • Outplacement
  • Interviews with staff members
  • Remuneration systems

Servithink Consulting Services – Performance und Efficiency

Always attentive to the expectations of its customers, SERVITHINK advises and supports companies in the context of specific or long-term missions.


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With the right tool at the right time, you improve performance!


  • Competitive analysis and market entry

  • Company foundation

  • Development of integrated business plans

  • Portage salarial

  • Interim Management

SERVITHINK supports you in the development of your business plan:


  • Integrated financial planning

  • Marketing plan

  • Assistance in finding financial solutions

You benefit from the long-standing experience of our consultants:


  • At the operational level

  • At the strategic level

  • At the network level

  • Recruiting platforms EFA-ITPEO-RSPO

  • Multicultural competence.
    Focus on Austria, France, Italy and Russia.

Complexity is not complicated!


Complexity in the workplace or during a project can be reduced by optimizing interpersonal communication.


The aim is for all stakeholders to work together to achieve a common goal.


Our intervention helps you to manage complexity and reach consensus!

To work in an environment of trust is the answer to the growing complexity of the processes related to organisation and change.


Based on the PAT-Miroir© method, we move forward in a systemic and systematic way to reduce fears and conflicts as well as strenghten motivation.


PAT-Miroir© is a registered trademark of Cooprex International SAS


Carbon-based work!


In the age of the digital revolution, we focus on the strength of interpersonal relationships in our working environment.


The many interviews conducted and the targeted development of our networks help us to identify people and their skills as effectively as possible when and where they are needed.


Together with our partners and our network we accompany you personally during your market entry in Austria.


With our complementary competencies we support you in all technical areas.


Our platforms – For applicants

In cooperation with CCFA – French-Austrian Chamber of Commerce

In cooperation with Italian institutions

In cooperation with ORFG – Austrian-Russian Friendship Association



Servithink Unternehmensberatung GmbH

Bartensteingasse 5, A-1010 Vienna


Tel: +43 1 533 77 07




EFA – French-speaking employment in Austria

ITPEO – Italian-speaking employment in Austria

RSPO – Russian-speaking employment in Austria


SERVITHINK launched its platforms in order to offer proactive support to candidates on the Austrian labour market who are fluent in French, Italian or Russian.

Seize the opportunity and contact us:



We look forward to receiving your application documents. Please send us your complete curriculum vitae/resume along with a photo, your address, date of birth and phone number at:


With your approval we save your documents into our data base.

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After receiving your application you will be invited to a first interview to discuss your background and expectations.


Following this interview we will contact you as soon as we have received a concrete request from a company that matches your skills and professional experience.


This service is free of charge for candidates. In the event of any hiring, it will be done directly with the company in question.

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