Servithink Consulting Services – Performance und Efficiency

Always attentive to the expectations of its customers, SERVITHINK advises and supports companies in the context of specific or long-term missions.

With the right tool at the right time, you improve performance!


  • Long-term operational experience in business management

  • Focus on finances and accounting

  • Development of integrated business plans

SERVITHINK supports you in the development of your business plan:


  • Integrated financial planning

  • Marketing plan

  • Assistance in finding financial solutions

You benefit from the long-standing experience of our consultants:


  • At the operational level

  • At the strategic level

  • At the network level

  • Multicultural competence.
    Focus on Austria, France, Italy and Russia.

Complexity is not complicated!


Complexity in the workplace or during a project can be reduced by optimizing interpersonal communication.


The aim is for all stakeholders to work together to achieve a common goal.


Our intervention helps you to manage complexity and reach consensus!

To work in an environment of trust is the answer to the growing complexity of the processes related to organisation and change.


Based on the PAT-Miroir© method, we move forward in a systemic and systematic way to reduce fears and conflicts as well as strenghten motivation.


PAT-Miroir© is a registered trademark of Cooprex International SAS


How can we create a space for innovation today? How can we free ourselves from the beaten track in order to adopt disruptive thinking?


The space for innovation is created in our minds. An innovation may seem ridiculous at first, then dangerous and finally, it becomes obvious.


With the Innovation Space, we have created a new format to inform about new developments, to reflect on them together and to create a framework and new impulses for all stakeholders.


Carbon-based work!


In the age of the digital revolution, we focus on the strength of interpersonal relationships in our working environment.


The many interviews conducted and the targeted development of our networks help us to identify people and their skills as effectively as possible when and where they are needed.